Women’s Hall of Fame

Lisa Tealer

Lisa Tealer knows how to get things done. As Genentech’s Diversity Manager, she chairs the Diversity Council, which influences the company’s diversity efforts in the areas of recruitment, training and inclusion. She launched and co-chairs the Genentech Scholarship Program for students with diverse backgrounds interested in pursuing careers in science. While at Genentech, not only did Lisa manage a technical service operation for more than 10 years, Ms. Tealer was also the first Chair of African Americans in Biotechnology, the first employee association group at Genentech. Lisa believes that “the measure of a woman has nothing to do with numbers” and personifies this philosophy in her daily life. For over 11 years, Lisa has been a noted model for several large women’s fashions, and is a certified aerobics instructor. Lisa co-founded a Body-Positive fitness facility for women of all sized and fitness levels where she hosted classes and seminars on topics ranging from health at any size to self-esteem. Lisa continues her advocacy for the large-size woman as a fitness consultant for Kaiser Hospital’s great Shape Class. In fact, her activities, lobbying for the health and fitness of the large woman have been featured in the Berkeley Daily Planet, US News and World Report, the San Francisco Chronical, and KRON Channel 4 News segment The Heartbeat and many more.
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