Women’s Hall of Fame

Judge Judith Whitmer Kozloski

JUDITH WHITMER KOZLOSKI who years ago, as an airline stewardess, was forced to sign a contract promising that she would retire at age 21, was the first female Presiding Judge of the San Mateo County Superior Court (1998) and the San Mateo Municipal Court (1987). Before her appointment as a municipal court judge in 1984, Judith worked for twelve years as an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco where for seven years she headed the Sexual Assault/Child Abuse Unit. Besides prosecuting cases, Judith worked to educate health care professionals as well as the public about child abuse. As an attorney, Judith was admired for her skilled prosecution techniques and eloquent arguments to juries. As a judge, in 1994, Judith established the criminal Domestic Violence Pre-trial Calendar. She also helped implement the statewide Family Law Pilot Project to assist litigants without lawyers with child, spousal support and other needs. Judith is a role model for legal interns sent to observe her sincere, compassionate, respectful and gentle but firm control of the court. At the same time she does not shrink from addressing difficult issues as exorbitant fees with attorneys, and the credibility of witnesses with jurors. Judith is also a member of the Task Force on Domestic Violence.
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