Women’s Hall of Fame

Norma Au Fong

Norma Au Fong came to the United States forty years ago as a penniless immigrant from Hong Kong. Through a great deal of hard work and sheer perseverance, she opened a small dress shop in Chinatown. As a gifted seamstress and designer, her reputation carried her to Hollywood where she designed glamorous gowns for some of Hollywood’s top female stars. She also restored ancient Chinese gowns to their original splendor and began to display the gowns at fashion shows for San Mateo County charity groups. Her fashion shows appeared at every major charity function over a 29 year period. Norma Au Fong is 72 and still exudes a sense of energy and enthusiasm for charity work. She demonstrates pride in her citizenship and in her efforts to help alleviate the needs and suffering of those who cannot help themselves.
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