Women’s Hall of Fame

Karen Larson

Karen Musegaas Larson has made a difference in the lives of thousands of individuals, dedicated to improving health care quality and access throughout San Mateo County. As a site administrator for the RotaCare Coastside Clinic, she has helped over 4,000 patients receive free medical care by improving the efficiency of the clinic with over 100 volunteers that she manages. She is on the Advisory council for the clinic and on the Coastside Homeless Committee, where she helps to provide services and supplies for the homeless population. Karen, a domestic violence survivor, is a strong advocate for justice and serves as a paralegal to other domestic violence victims in the community. Having overcome her adversities has given Karen strength and compassion to help and represent those who have experienced hardships in their own lives. In addition to the many hats she wears, Karen is also a teacher, working with handicapped children and striving to provide the best education possible for them by working as a liaison between parents, schools, and the community to develop individualized education plans. Karen often works tirelessly beyond her hours and is constantly going the extra mile to ensure her patients and customers are receiving the best service possible. Her involvement with the community is truly phenomenal and her work has benefitted many lives of residents of San Mateo County.
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