Women’s Hall of Fame

Dorian Moten Brown

DORIAN MOTEN BROWN was nominated by three people, including her daughter, who says, “My mother is a special person because she is like s ‘Super Mom.’ She always saves the day for everybody.” Dorian is a trainer in a conflict resolution and director of a community mediation program in East Palo Alto. She opened an in-house alternative program for kids suspended from elementary school, and began programs of gang mediations in East Palo Alto, Palo Alto and presently in San Mateo. She is also a mentor for parolees from the California Youth Authority, a group home counselor, a trainer of adults and girls in negotiation, and executive producer of youth television for Emerald City Magazine. Honors include: the World of Well Being Award from the Santa Clara Girls Scouts; the Positive Image Award from the East Palo Alto Teen Home; the Community Leader Fellowship Award for violence prevention from the California Wellness Foundation; the Larry Sleizer Memorial Award for professional mediators; congressional recognition for community service from Congresswoman Anna Eshoo; and certificates of recognition from the City of East Palo Alto.
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