Women’s Hall of Fame

Lynda Burton

LYNDA BURTON has been an attorney at the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County since 1981, representing extremely low income clients in a variety or areas, including family law, domestic violence, landlord/tenant and consumer protection. She has been a major participant in the programs of the County Task Force on Violence Against Women, the Family Law Center and serves as a legal resource for the Center for Domestic Violence Prevention and Sor Juana, which serves Latina victims of domestic violence. As a volunteer, she has monitored Operation Rescue attacks on Planned Parenthood sites and served on teams monitoring elections and researching abuses of human rights in Latin America. She has participated in numerous human rights conferences, including the Fourth World Conference on women in Beijing and helps to translate their outcomes to citizens in San Mateo County. Her nominator says: “Lynda receives neither great financial rewards nor public credit, but she continues to do what is important to her: making sure that our society’s legal systems work for the poor and the disadvantaged.”
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