Women’s Hall of Fame

Shirley LaMarr

Shirley LaMarr’s own life on the streets made her a fierce mentor for women and men who want to turn away from a life of crime, drug abuse and violence. As co-director of Choices, a recovery program in San Mateo County’s jail, Shirley works side by side with some of our community’s most lost individuals. She travels 172 miles roundtrip each day to her job counseling, developing treatment plans and preparing her charges for a successful return to life outside.

Once facing years in prison herself, Shirley was given a choice that changed her life. She chose Delancey Street. Following her own recovery journey, Shirley stayed on to learn to help others. Her first assignment was to manage and train residents in the Food Services Department, where
she oversaw preparation of three meals a day for 500 residents. She worked her way up to the coveted position of administrative assistant to the president/CEO, a job that gave her the gift of working with one of the world’s most influential women in the recovery arena.

Shirley has been recognized for her work by the City of San Francisco and San Mateo County and currently serves on the Delancey Street Board. Known for her warmth and warrior spirit, this extraordinary woman works each day to inspire hope, instill courage and rebuild broken lives.
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