Women’s Hall of Fame

Dyanne Ladine

DYANNE LADINE has focused her energy and expertise for more than three decades helping those people in our community who have the fewest resources and face the most challenges. Having degrees in law, business and religion makes her an effective and resourceful individual. She practiced law for 10 years, but is currently Assistant Professor of Business at the College of Notre Dame, and part-time staff member with Supervisor Rose Jacobs Gibson. In 1986, Dyanne secured a state grant and created “Project Success”, focusing on the economic and educational needs of the African American Latino and Pacific Islander communities. In 1988, when all but five of the participants had found employment, Dyanne sold her house in Palo Alto, took the profits and invested them in her principles, moving to East Palo Alto where she created “Lettuce Work”, a culturally diverse community cooperative, employing 15 women over a six year period.

In 1990, she co-convened “EPA CAN DO”, which continues today as a viable community organization. These are just two of the many projects to which Dyanne has been central. Dyanne has been recognized for her amazing work, but she was most proud of being chosen “Teacher of the Year – 1998” by her students and peers. She recently organized a two day event for 100 East Palo Alto Junior High School girls to tour the College of Notre Dame and participate with the student body in sports and discussions. She is a voice of wise reason and an untiring, passionate crusader for justice.
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