Women’s Hall of Fame

Marie Hermenia Minor Davis

MARIE HERMENIA MINOR DAVIS began her fight for equal rights and justice at age 12 when she and a friend were removed from a movie theatre for refusing to sit in the area designated for “Colored People.” She continued her civil rights efforts for many years in Wyoming, serving on a Presidential Commission on Civil Rights. In San Mateo County, she coordinated a joint program with the National Urban League to assist black youth and others to raise scholastic achievement levels through special seminars and workshops. Singing has also been a major activity in Marie’s life. A soprano, with a B.S. in music and political science from the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, she has performed for numerous church, community, sports, and political organizations. Her long list of awards include the San Mateo Family Service Agency’s “Family of the Year” honor in 1991.
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