Women’s Hall of Fame

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson Macaulay

DR. ELIZABETH JACKSON MACAULAY has celebrated 50 years as a practicing pediatrician, 39 of them in the same office, a converted home in South San Francisco. In 1936, she was one of only three women to graduate from Long Island College of Medicine, receiving three of the five awards for her class including “Best in all areas of Medicine.” She also raised seven children who recall that she always managed to be a den mother as well as a doctor, and each week took one child out alone for a special treat. Her nominator recalls that she made her small patients feel very grown up and that she was like a friend or a favorite aunt who always had time to explain. She made house calls, seeming like and angel in a white coat, and when a family who had no insurance couldn’t pay, she considered pro bono care “an investment in the family.” One family repaid her by giving her the recipe for a special spaghetti sauce that had been in the family for years. When she began her practice if medicine, she did not wear masculine clothes as most women colleagues did, saying, “I like being a woman, and I like being a doctor.” Her philosophy of life which she shared with everyone: “If you want to do something, just go ahead and do it.”
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