Women’s Hall of Fame

Bernadette Plotnikoff

BERNADETTE PLOTNIKOFF was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has worked with and for children since she graduated from college. She started her career as a teacher at Carlmont High School in 1953. Throughout her professional and volunteer years, Bernadette has focused on the needs and treatment of children by educating, lecturing and advising on the issues of child abuse and neglect. Through her work on various commissions and task forces of the San Mateo Board of Supervisors, she has helped to make San Mateo County a leader in the handling children’s issues. Bernadette has designed and co-designed several significant programs to benefit children and their families. One such program is the Male Adolescent Awareness Program to help sexually abused boys overcome the trauma associated with abuse, a population chronically overlooked. Through her skillful use of mass media, she has brought information to more than 50,000 persons each year concerning the effects of child abuse, explaining hot to protect children from it and what steps to take if it has occurred. Her creativity, networking skills and informed optimism assure continued growth of her projects and plans.
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