Women’s Hall of Fame

Lydia Barrera

LYDIA BARRERA is known as a GEM, God’s Encouraging Messenger, by those in the CHOICES program. As a volunteer for the past 10 years, she has provided motivational, spiritual and recovery based groups in the Maguire Men’s Jail. She helps them with their substance-abuse recovery by developing and providing Materials for her programs of encouragement, helping them seize the opportunity to leave the past behind and reclaim their lives. Lydia was presented the Champion of Justice Award in 1996 by the Service League of San Mateo County for her volunteer work and impact on the local Criminal Justice System. In 2001, she was recognized by the Choices Program for her dedication and outstanding contributions to the inmates at Maguire Jail and has been recognized for her service as a member of the San Quentin Citizens Advisory Committee, where she has served for many years. After being diagnosed with breast cancer last year, having a radical mastectomy and going through months of radiation and chemotherapy, Lydia was soon back offering love and acceptance to those who many consider the failures and outcasts of our society, jail and prison inmates. She provided a tremendous role model in mot letting a major setback prevent one from moving toward their life’s goal.
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