Women’s Hall of Fame

Marlene Falkenheim De Lancie

MARLENE FALKENHEIM DE LANCIE was inspired by her parents and paternal grandfather both in Germany, where she lived until age 14, and in the United States. Community service was a way of life. Her never-ending spirit and fighting for her beliefs has brought about changes in our schools and legal system and assured that the rights of all citizens be accounted for and maintained. Marlene earned her PhD in Biochemistry doing pioneering research in the field of medicine and biotechnology until turning to her growing family and moving to San Mateo in 1955 where she became a full-time volunteer. Marlen has been honored for her dedication and activism by the ACLU of Northern California and the San Mateo County Bar Association. She served with the San Mateo Parents’ Coop Nursery School and worked for desegregation of the San Mateo City Elementary and Union High School Districts. She has been active with the ACLU for more than 40 years, both as a volunteer and as a plaintiff in the landmark case to preserve the right to privacy for jail inmates. Marlene has also served with the child Care Coordinating Council, Planned Parenthood, League of Women Voters and music at Kohl mansion.
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