Women’s Hall of Fame

Elizabeth Carlson

Elizabeth “Betty” Carlson has devoted her life to serving others, first as a registered nurse, then as an advocate for victims of violent crime, and today at 89 years old, as office manager/caseworker for Congressman Tom Lantos and dedicated volunteer for Mills-Peninsula’s Auxiliary and senior programs.

One of Betty’s most far-reaching accomplishments was her leadership in 1985 in founding “Justice for Murder Victims” after her own son was brutally murdered by an intruder into his home. The nonprofit organization helps survivors cope with grief, ensures that victims’ rights are not ignored and works to create a more balanced justice system.

At nearly 90 years old, Betty is an inspiring role model for women of all ages. She seeks out opportunities to give of herself – from helping veterans and students in the Congressman’s office to raising funds for the library, collecting clothing for the battered women’s shelter and helping patients at Peninsula Medical Center. Betty also works with Mills-Peninsula Senior Focus volunteer programs, including RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer program for which 900 volunteers provide more than 200,000 hours of service to 150 agencies each year. In this and all her endeavors, Betty encourages others by her own example to work together for a better, more vibrant community. We have all been enriched by her energy, commitment and vision.
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