Women’s Hall of Fame

Sally Salinas

SALLY SALINAS was a high school drop-out from a family of ten children and a mother of two daughters when she entered the first women’s re-entry program at Canada College. Because of her outstanding volunteer and work experience, she was admitted to San Jose State University without a B.A. and in 1985, she received her Masters Degree in Social Work. As director of target Education Welfare Council Incorporated at Fair Oaks Senior Center, she helped plan the first minority elders’ conference and worked with the Redwood City Council to develop a plan for constructing a new senior center on property adjacent to Fair Oaks Community center. She is a past member of the Advisory Council on Women and helped organize the Hispanic Concilio which, in 1986, recognized her for outstanding contributions to the Hispanic community. She is active in promoting programs which provide conflict resolution skills and global harmony.
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