Women’s Hall of Fame

Jeri Fujimoto

Jeri Fujimoto has left an everlasting mark in San Mateo County through her dedication and hard work in inspiring and building a community for the young generation. Before retiring in 2010, Jeri worked in the Special Needs Program for the City of San Carlos Department of Parks and Recreation for 32 years. In 1992, she was a leader in making San Carlos one of the first cities in California to create a Youth Advisory Council (YAC), a municipal advisory board comprised of students ages 11-18. A few years later, she was involved in the vision, fundraising and construction of the San Carlos Youth Center, which opened in 1999 to provide a safe place for youth in the community. Jeri made it her highest priority to embrace and get to know every youth who visited the center. She was encouraging, understanding, and a mentor to the youth in the community. Over her many years of service, Jeri had many roles in the countless activities throughout the community, including President of the Rotary Club, member of San Mateo County Youth Obesity Task Force, and as Advisor in the Intergovernmental Management Training Program. Throughout all of her activities, she was fighting brain cancer. She did not let it stop her; her strength and positive attitude kept her going and saw cancer as a minor speed bump. Jeri is a role model for youth development and has inspired a generation of youth committed to leadership and empowered future generations of young people.
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