Women’s Hall of Fame

Christine Flanagan Goodman

CHRISTINE FLANAGAN GOODMAN taught mentally challenged youth in the 1970s, went to law school and practiced family law for 12 years specializing in interstate and international child custody cases, and now owns Mrs. Maltz Knishes, Inc. in Redwood City. Christine, along with her husband, has always opened her home and provided food, shelter and nurturing to numerous children throughout the years while raising her own four children. She and her husband have been Interplast volunteer parents, taking care of children from developing countries needing specialized surgery. As a volunteer with Friends for Youth, Christine not only is a friend to a 12 year-old boy, but provides continuing support to the mother and family after helping them find a permanent home. Currently a young man is living with the Goodman’s through the Help One Child, Foster Care Support Service while attending college. Christine is a volunteer for respite care for caretakers of elderly parents. She employs a number of working moms at Mrs. Maltz Knishes, Inc. and provides them with flexible schedules to care for and transport their children to and from school and allows her employees the freedom to bring their children to work if necessary. Christine is always there for the people who need her most.
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