Women’s Hall of Fame

Ruth Peterson

RUTH PETERSON uses her wonderful people skills both as long-time business owner and in her many volunteer activities. She manages offices for independent lawyers and other professionals demonstrating how a good business should be run. She was featured in BFI’s newsletter for making her entire building complex the first in the county to have a complete recycling program, leading the way for other businesses to follow suit. In the early years of her business, she supported local artists and musicians by displaying their works and holding concerts in the lobby of the Redwood City building. Ruth gives 110% to Sustainable San Mateo County. A long-time member of the SSMC, she has organized and served on many committees. Under her leadership, SSMC has provided effective programs for the community on such issues as the SFO airport expansion and the energy crisis in California as well as the “Town Hall” annual events in conjunction with Earth Day. Ruth is also on the Board of Directors of Shelter Network and has worked especially on the Development Committee. “If girls in our country could watch and learn from Ruth, our long term quality of life would be guaranteed.”
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