Women’s Hall of Fame

Lottie Kirk

LOTTIE KIRK was described by her Hall of fame nominator as “my aunt, my mother, my employer, my teacher, my mentor, my everything.” For more than 40 years, Lottie maintained contact with more than 100 family members, keeping them linked to their family traditions, and giving them their heritage as Black Americans. She has been the power in helping members of her family overcome the obstacles of family life: divorce, separation, distance, anger, adoption and rejection, and instilled in every family member a true sense of self-worth and pride in their family heritage. She has provided shelter for young family member who are acting out the delinquencies of adolescence and allowed her home to serve as a base for all immediate and extended family and friends to continue the coalition building and bonding necessary to maintain healthy family relationships. And, of course, her nominator says: “She has been a positive role model for the women of my family- and we outnumber the men.”
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