Women’s Hall of Fame

Alicia Janese Babbs

ALICIA JANESE BABBS offers herself beyond all expectations. This dynamic youth has won the admiration of her school and church for her innate qualities of leadership, truthfulness, sense of humor and kindness. Alicia listens well without judgment and is able willing to facilitate a round table discussion, a role usually reserved for the teacher. She has been a volunteer for Counselor in Training Program at the Millbrae Parks and Recreation Community Center, Summer Youth Program, 1999 and 2000. She has also been involved in the Black Student Union, Student Organized Dance Club; participant in the Leadership Conference 2003; Mills High School Freshman/Sophomore Basketball Team; Mills High School Track and Field; and Mills High Schools Peer Helping Retreat 2001. Alicia has been appreciated and recognized by her community. She was presented the Mills High School Cross Country Team Most Valuable Player Award, 2002; the Mills High School Track and Field Inspiration Award, 2003; and presented Commendations by the city of Millbrae and the County of San Mateo. Alicia has been invited to participate in the National Young Leaders’ Conference in Washington D.C. this Spring 2004. Alicia also has a part-time job. This young woman possesses many virtuous qualities that comprise who she is, but more importantly, who she is becoming.
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