Women’s Hall of Fame

Tish Matulich

TISH MATULICH has a 20-year history with San Mateo Parents’ Nursery School (SMPNS), starting as a co-oping parent, the Treasurer for the Board of Directors, then becoming a teacher and is now the Director of the school. For the past two decades she has served not only as a child educator, but also as a mentor and parent educator for San Mateo families with young children. She holds fast to the school’s core values – learning through play, honoring diversity, teaching children and parents how to resolve conflicts and promoting both individual thinking and mutual respect. She has personally touched the lives of hundreds of families of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. During the 90s, Tish received the Honorary Service Award for her work at Meadow Heights School where she served as Co-President of the PTA. She also maintains strong ties with Sierra High School. She and her husband are involved with the Marriage Preparation Program at St. Gregory’s Church. She has been involved with Children and Families First since its inception, and tutored students at Samaritan House. Tish was presented the Family Advocate Award from the Child Care Coordinating Council of San Mateo in 1995. Tish is a two-time survivor of breast cancer and actively communicates about her experience.
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