Women’s Hall of Fame

Shelley Kessler

SHELLEY KESSLER began her working career in non-traditional jobs for women, working as an automobile assembler, spot-welder, and mechanic. Her record as an advocate for women in the labor movement includes assertiveness training seminars, helping women deal with sexual harassment and job discrimination issues, and development high school curriculum/job training programs that cover labor issues without sex bias. She helped develop and is currently a board member of “We Do The Work,” a national television program with positive portrayals of working people, and is an organizer and President of the Western Workers Labor Heritage Festival, a celebration of worker’s culture. She helped organize Congressional hearings on job safety and workplace injustice and participated in some early organizing for the widely recognized Airport Child Care Program (Palcare) for workers at San Francisco Airport. She received a special award from the Independent Federation of Flight Attendants for her support and leadership during a national flight attendants strike. She is presently Assistant Executive Officer of the San Mateo County Central Council.
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