Women’s Hall of Fame

Kathleen Mahany

KATHLEEN MAHANY has been a leader in volunteer efforts to advocate for housing, civil right, education, people with disabilities, women, seniors, and peace. She is the Chairperson for the Advisory Committee for the Family Living Center in Redwood City, a facility for homeless families. She is a leader in the construction of 120 housing units for low income persons in Redwood City. Kathleen led a successful effort to extend Kaiser health insurance coverage to women as heads of household, too. She was a founding member of the Council for Civic Unity, a group which worked to desegregate restaurants in San Mateo County in 1949 and worked to facilitate interracial harmony in our county. She has served on the Board of the South San Mateo County League of Women Voters for 16 years. In 1987, she was honored for 50 years of service to the First Congregational Church in Redwood City. She began marching for peace in 1962, and brought her children with her to demonstrate for peace.
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