Women’s Hall of Fame

Kathy Adamson

KATHY ADAMSON grew up in Redwood City and has been a foster parent in San Mateo County to over 400 children for the past 20 years, including 10 years with medically fragile children. The children have ranged from newborn to 16. Children in her temporary custody have included, among others, drug-exposed infants, shaken babies, toddlers and children with attention deficit disorders, and adolescent girls. Hers was a hospice home for a terminally ill infant who died in her arms. Besides having three children of her own, she also adopted two children and became guardian to a third, all with special needs. Since 1995 she worked with County Mental Health as an independent contractor providing a variety of programs designed to help and support parents as well as children in need. Kathy was elected President of the San Mateo County Foster Care Association in recognition of her dedication as a foster parent. She is culturally appropriate and sensitive as demonstrated in her selection of food, music and even language usage. Kathy is recognized for her ability to articulate the needs of those unable to advocate for themselves. Her visionary approach has helped to lighten the load for the mental health and human services staff. Her sweatshirt says it all,” My Heart Belongs to the Children.”
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